Our company began in 1990, when a satellite chipping plant was built to utilize pulp logs in Mackenzie. The plant is still in operation today.

Parallel 55 fingerjoint studs are manufactured by two companies: East Fraser Fiber Co. Ltd. and Parallel Wood Products Ltd. These companies are now owned by two principals: Patrick Glazier and Richard Glazier.

Patrick Glazier is a founding partner of both companies. An operations specialist with a passionate commitment to value-added wood product manufacturing, he was keen to take advantage of a BC government policy push toward value-added industries.

This led to the construction of a $5 million fingerjoint plant at Mackenzie in 1994. Eight years later, in February 2002, we bought another fingerjoint plant at Williams Lake, adding a second line to our operations. Our Mackenzie operations are now running at full capacity and plans are under way to install a third line. Meanwhile, the Williams Lake operation is also doing well at three shifts a day.

At Parallel 55, our values determine the way we do business - that is, every deal, be it a handshake or a legal document, should result in a win/win proposal. Environmental issues are always considered and the world is left a better place.

What's in a Name?

In our case, it's the commitment we have to the superior performance of our products. Engineered for your needs.

Parallel 55 was named for the geographic location of our first plant - in Mackenzie, BC, which sits on the 55th Parallel. Nature has bestowed on this area some of the world's finest quality spruce-pine-fir (SPF) timber.

We also chose our name for the straightness, consistency and dimensional stability of our fingerjoint studs. They are, quite simply,
a better product for your building applications.

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