At Parallel 55, we are committed to total customer satisfaction. This means we start with high quality raw materials. And follow through with exceptional service. We are flexible in our operations, and we have a strong reputation for getting the job done. If there ever is a problem, we resolve it immediately.

Our approach to customer service is rooted first in personal pride. And in our relationships – with our customers, our suppliers and our fellow workers.


One day, an extraordinary package arrived at the Prince George head office of Parallel 55. It was addressed to the company's owners and signed by every employee of the fingerjoint plant.

The workers at Parallel 55 simply wanted to say thank you for all the extra considerations they had been shown over the years. So they each offered a half day of their own time – at no cost to the company.

Extraordinary dedication. An exceptional team.

We have good people who care and that's why we have a loyal customer base.

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